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Here are my answers to some frequently asked questions.

I hope you will find some helpful information here. If you have a question about Slap It! Online that is not answered here feel free to ask via email. That's how new FAQs are born.

  • General Answers:
    • Do I need the book Slap It! in order to use Slap It! Online?

      The material presented in the pages of Slap It! Online can be thought of as the next volume of, or a sequel to, my book Slap It! Funk Studies for the Electric Bass.

      I do not plan to repeat the many technical exercises included in Slap It! here on this site. So the simple answer is yes, I believe you would benefit from studying the material in Slap It! as well as the material presented here.

      The material presented here is at a fairly advanced level of difficulty, by studying Slap It! (if you haven't already), you'll find learning the material here much easier.

    • Where can I get Slap It! Funk Studies for the Electric Bass?

      Slap It! is available from many music retailers, online music stores and from my own site, www.SlapIt.com.

      What will I find in the member area?

      Currently there are 40 example pages and 11 lesson pages. Each example page has a 2 to 18 bar slap bass line presented in both Standard and Tab notation as a PDF file.

      Each example page also has audio files at two different tempos. You are able to hear how each example sounds when I play it with Drums, Bass alone, and I also provide a Drums only play along track for you to practice with.

      I've posted a demo page here.

      Why should I subscribe to Slap It! Online, if I have the book Slap It! already?

      If you enjoyed the bass lines in Slap It!, and always hoped for more examples to explore, then I think you'll really enjoy Slap It! Online.


  • Software Answers:
    • What software is required for Slap It Online?

      You'll need:

      • a modern Web Browser (Safari, IE, FireFox, etc.)

      • Depending on your operating system (Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, Windows or any other system) you may want to install Adobe Acrobat Reader and the Adobe PDF Browser plug-in:

        There is additional information on how to get PDF Files to appear within your browser window here:

        • Installing Acrobat Reader and the Adobe PDF Browser plug-in is optional for Mac OS X Tiger users. Safari gives you the option to bring up PDF files in your browser window or download them to your hard drive right away, without installing the Adobe PDF Browser plug-in.

          Users of earlier versions of Mac OS X, and all versions of Mac OS Classic will want to install the Adobe PDF Browser plug-in.

        • Configure Internet Explorer or AOL to display PDF files (Acrobat 7.0, Acrobat 3D, Adobe Reader 7.0 on Windows

        • Configure Netscape to display PDF files (Acrobat 7.0, Acrobat 3D, Adobe Reader 7.0 on Windows)

    • To check if you already have the required software you can try to view the demo page we have posted.


  • Equipment Answers:
  • What bass did you use to record the examples?

    1972 Fender Precision Bass with Bartolini pickups and a custom active circuit designed and installed by HAZ labs.

  • What kind of strings do you use?

    I use Ken Smith Strings (Round Wound Mediums).

  • How was your bass recorded?

    I recorded via a direct box. No amplifier was used.

  • Slap Technique and other playing Answers:
  • What is the best slap bass technique?

    There is no "best" technique. Whatever works for you and sounds funky is cool.

    That said, the technique I use, and write about in my book, works well for me, and has worked for many of my students.

    I would suggest trying as many techniques as you're able to, and then decide which is most comfortable for you. Maybe you'll invent your own. This is what I had to do, since I didn't know anyone who could play slap bass when I was figuring it out. Luckily for you there are now many good books and videos on the subject.

  • How do you wear your bass?

    Most players, if they saw me play, would probably say I wear my bass in a high position. I wear my bass with a strap that keeps the bass suspended off my lap when I'm seated. This way when I'm seated or standing the bass is in about the same position.


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